Check Out Some of Grosse Ile's Historic Picture-Videos


Grosse Ile's Historic Light House - The structure is in good condition considering it was built in 1906. It stands 40 feet tall and was deactivated in 1963. The octagonal white tower is beautiful, each face is sided with horizontal wood strips like clapboards on an old house. Near the middle the structure angles inward and narrows. The eight sided lantern room is empty now. The Grosse Ile Historical Society will give tours of this light. Since it is on private land, visitors must be escorted to the light by members of the society.

Grosse Ile's Historic Figures - Did you know that the Grosse Ile Episcopal Church was started by an escaped slave? That the US fought the French, Canadians, and Indians all along the island's coast? Some of Michigan's most prominent people called Grosse Ile their home (even some of the countries most prominent people).


Hickory Island - As Grosse Ile is composed of multiple individual islands, each island has a unique history all its own. Perhaps one of GI's most festinating islands is Hickory Island, once next to a large and bustling amusement park on Sugar Island and holding a continuous border with the friendly people of the famous Grosse Ile Yacht Club.


The Grosse Ile Naval Air Base - "It was only thirty years after the Navy had acquired its first aircraft and 14 years after naval aviation had come to Grosse Ile, when it would face a war that would bring aviation into a new age fleet warfare tactics that were unheard of only years earlier. With the demands of war on the horizon NRAB Grosse Ile began to prepare for what would be a war that for the first time in history that naval forces would fight battles from the air without surface forces ever seeing each other."

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Grosse Ile's Historic Bridges - "How can there be a civilized island without a civilized bridge?" This was a thought often pondered and debated amongst Grosse Ile's island residents as its people have hosted bridges from rail to pedestrian, domestic to international.


Historic Grosse Ile Maps - It is often said that "if it wasn't in writing, then it never happened." This famous motto is the backdrop for  the profession of cartography (map making). Check out some of Grosse Ile's oldest maps and written documents dating as far back as the records from 1776 kept with the original Native Americans in Grosse Ile's original purchase.


Historic Grosse Ile Dwellings - Grosse Ile has never been the most talked about destination in Southeast Detroit, but it has always had its own character rich with class and style. Take a tour through some of the historic homes (and estates) in Grosse Ile. d